High Season blends natural and synthetic worlds on new track, “Pluton”.

High Season, who hails from the Pacific Northwest, combines the timeless driving pulse of 90s techno with the unmistakable look and feel of nature. “Pluton” takes inspiration from the majestic mountains that surrounded him during the creation process, the track is a celebration of life, time, and the beauty of nature.

“Pluton” takes listeners on a journey through sound, capturing the phases of a mountain’s life through call and response sounds. The length of the track is also designed to reflect the immense space of time that the mountain will occupy throughout its life.

The track showcases High Season’s signature sound, an upbeat, high-energy track that combines elements of House and EDM, with a melodic bassline and groove that keep the listener on their toes. It brings a fresh and positive perspective to the genres, with a nostalgic approach in terms of sound and production, while keeping the energy and vibe alive.

With this new track, High Season continues to explore new sounds and styles, solidifying his place as an exciting and innovative electronic producer while aspiring to know his place in the world just as the mountain knows its own.

“Pluton” is available February 17th on all major streaming platforms via Soda Mountain Records. Get ready to experience the power of nature through sound!




Artist: High Season
Title: Pluton
Label: Soda Mountain Records
Release Date: 2023-02-17




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor