Essex-born DJ and producer GW Harrison has grown up surrounded by electronic music. Gifted his first set of Technics aged 12, he quickly discovered he had a knack for beatmatching and technical knowhow. Securing his first residency aged just 13, his career subsequently flourished and he’s now one of the most hotly-tipped artists in the house music circuit. Now, Solardo have signed GW Harrison up to Sola Records for his Spaceman EP.

Spaceman EP is a statement release; a gem in GW Harrison’s growing catalogue. Fusing an infectious blend of toe-tapping drums and pumping bass, Harrison injects some killer danceability in to his debut Sola record. Adding finishing touches with funky vocal samples and crystal clear hi-hats, Harrison makes it clear he knows exactly what the dancefloor wants.

GW Harrison is steadily climbing to the top of the house music scene, currently holding a residency at London’s own ABODE. When he’s not wowing crowds with his tricks in the booth, he’s carefully honing his musical output – and it’s clearly paying off.

Get your fix of Harrison’s latest musical wizardry, as Spaceman EP drops on Sola Records on 18th May 2018.




Artist: GW Harrison
Title: Spaceman EP
Label: Sola
Release Date: 2018-05-18

Juany Bravo

Senior Editor