MYR label boss Goeran Meyer returns to his label in fantastic form. His two new tunes are backed by innovative remixes from Ivo Deutschmann, Nesker, Juli Lee and Kaiser Waldon.

This is Meyer’s first release since his last outing on this label back in September. As always, he keeps it deep while exploring the cinematic soundscape he enjoys so much. Whether DJing, producing or playing live, his approach to music is to always transport you through an ever-changing landscape of audio sculptures. His grooves get you moving, while his well-crafted sonic details occupy the mind, as this fresh EP attests.

Atmospheric opener ‘The Key’ first comes as a vocal mix. It is a deep and sparse House track with a bubbling rhythm and sustained chords that layer in melancholy under an eerie spoken word vocal. After the instrumental version comes the perfectly deep and warm ‘Three Days’. It has an airy groove that is light and gets you on your toes, while deft synths bring colour to an otherwise superbly shadowy track.

First to remix is Ivo Deutschmann, an MYR regular who first emerged in 1999 and has since been a pivotal artist. His version is reworked with a majestic breakdown that allows his synth craft to shine before the mid-tempo drums carry you away in a dynamic groove. Germany’s Nesker is another key MYR family member who does everything from melodic house to driving techno. His remix rides on bumpy kicks with glitchy snares, while lush, well-sequenced keys take your mind into the cosmos. Swiss artist Juli Lee combines groovy rhythms and driving basslines on all her tunes, and this fantastically futuristic remix is no different. Last of all, the chart-topping and prolific Bali-based producer, party host and DJ, Kaiser Waldon brings his brilliant basslines to a menacing, low key remix that rounds out a stylish package.

‘Push And Hold’ marks another fantastic entry into the catalogues of both MYR and Goeran Meyer.




Artist: Goeran Meyer feat. D-Lee
Title: Push and Hold (incl. Ivo Deutschmann, Nesker, Juli Lee, Kaiser Waldon Remixes)
Label: MYR
Release Date: 2021-06-18




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor