Ecuador’s Savia Park is set to release ‘Don’t You Remember Well’ this July from George Levi & Lydian, backed with a remix from Wolf + Lamb artist Tanner Ross.

Launched out of Quito, Ecuador, Savia Park is the imprint of Joshua Gutierrez aka Slurm and Raul Garcia which kicked off in 2014 and is now onto its twenty second release. Over the course of the past few years the label has welcomed an array of South American talents onto its roster amongst remixes from the likes of Sergio Santos and Andre Salmon.

Here we see the label welcome George Levi and Lydian back with their new single ‘Don’t You Remember Well’ and the original mix takes the lead with elongated bass drones, psychedelic vocal phrases and tension building strings.

Wolf + Lamb affiliate Tanner Ross takes on ‘Don’t You Remember Well’ next, employing off-kilter jazz tinged drum programming alongside a chugging arpeggio bass lead, resonant synth licks and processed snippets of the original to create a unique and intriguing take on things. Label co- founder Slurm then closes the package with his remix, taking things down a straighter path with direct 4/4 rhythms, hooky vocal loops and menacing synth drones.

George Levi & Lydian’s ‘Don’t You Remember Well’ is out on Savia Park 7th July 2017.

George Levi & Lydian – Don’t You Remember Well (Tanner Ross Remix) [Savia Park]

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Artist: George Levi, Lydian, Tanner Ross, Slurm
Title: Don’t You Remember Well EP
Label: Savia Park
Release: 2017-08-04


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