Brazilian artist Gabriel Moraes is next up on Dear Deer Records with a fresh new single that comes with remixes from Dusty Kid, Citizen Kain, Niko Schwind and Boy Next Door. Moraes makes moody tech house with driving baselines and is a regular on this label.

His offering is Die Hölle, a freaky tech tune with driving drums and icy hi-hats, but also a jangling bassline that is full of edginess. Sweeping synth filters and weird fx all keep you on edge throughout. The Dusty Kid Costa Rave version is fourteen minutes of high tempo techno that will blow clubs away with the force of the drums and energy of the percussion. Citizen Kain then works the track into a hypnotic state with evolving patterns slowly shapeshifting and tieing your mind in knots.

Next up Niko Schwind plays with the filters and effects to flip the track into a mind-melting affair that is spooky and trippy and Boy Next Door cuts up the groove to make it more wonky and loose. This is a diverse package that offers lots of essential club sounds.




Artist: Gabriel Moraes, Dusty Kid, Citizen Kain, Niko Schwind, Boy Next Door
Title: Die Hölle EP
Label: Dear Deer Records
Release Date: 2018-03-26


– jams
Jimbo James