First there were the parties. Then came the radio shows. Now here’s the record label – Feel the Drive is officially the three-headed beast of the underground. 

Szymek Lawik and Martin Lefteri spend their lives digging up the very best Italo, New Beat and EBM delights, so a record label was the next logical move. The perfect distillation of their combined tastes and determination to search the globe for new music, the four-track debut EP features big hitters from Franz Scala (Bahnsteig 23, Tusk Wax, Cocktail d’Amore), Anatolian Weapons (Beats in Space, Dark Entries), Furor Exotica (Bordello a Parigi, Sprechen) and the label bosses themselves under their Ondata guise (Red Laser, Night Noise Music)

Furor Exotica comprises vocalist Viky O. and producer Ric Piccolo. The Buenos Aries-based duo have had a string of releases on Tom Tom Disco and Bordello a Parigi, aimed at the head and the feet alike with experimental moves and cosmic grooves. Meanwhile, their live shows combine all of these elements in an atmosphere of musical freedom and non-stop dancing. 

Fat Training is out 8/01/2020 on Feel The Drive


Artist: Furor Exotica
Title: Fat Training
Label: Feel The Drive
Release Date: 2020-08-01


Turn it up & enjoy!