Friedrich Raphael preps us for a glistening summer with the release of his second EP on Istanbul based Petra Digital/Vinyl Recordings, entitled ‘Koi’. The EP features remixes from Berlin artist, Sense of Sun and Kassell based Herb Rhythm adding an extra flavour to the work of art, whilst keeping to the key theme of warm summer nights we all long for. All arranged in a tight package of digital and vinyl.
Friedrich pays homage to classic deep house with his first track, ‘Vitra’. The powerful kick drum drives the energy of this original mix which allows a mellow pad and slapping bass to play off one another, giving us a powerful groove to move our feet to. ‘Villa’ gives the dancer a harsher taste of Friedrich’s music with the percussive elements becoming more active whilst still maintaining the distinctive vibe. A touch of class from the blossoming talent, with his grip tightly gripped on a bright future.
Sense of Sun takes ‘Vitra’ and gives it a rework in his own refreshing style. The intended feel of the track is still at the forefront but Sense Of Sun stamps it with a hint of a disco feel, with the constant shuffle of the hi-hat line and funky bass steering the track towards this road of happy feels. Herb Rhythm takes a slightly different route with his remix of ‘Villa’, motoring towards a garage feel with its disjointed drum arrangement, weaving in and out with its prolific chords, notably suited for one of those dancefloor moments you could not possibly forget.

Koi is out 6/26/2020 on Petra Digital


Artist: Friedrich Raphael
Title: Koi
Label: Petra Digital
Release Date: 2020-06-26




Turn it up & enjoy!