Los Angeles based production duo, Freddy Be and Savi Leon bring the Balearic season to a close and keep the summer vibe alive with this fresh seductive, tropical house groover forthcoming on Monday Social Music.

Dubbed ‘DOPE LIKE PABLO’, this will be the Fourth release on their MNS label and we could not be happier with the results. With a super lazy, stripped back groove, hypnotic steel drums, rhythmic guitars and an assortment of catchy vocal melodies, ‘Dope Like Pablo’ keeps the cocktail umbrella in your cup, shades on your eyes, and nothing more than sunshine in your mind.

On remix duties, MNS have enlisted the help of veteran house and techno producer Ant Brooks (Toolroom, Intec, Strictly Rhythm). His interpretation stays true to the original, but levels up with the groove, bringing it right to the main room with some big tasty, deep tech house vibes served with an appetizing trademark bass line.

Last but not least closing out the EP, we’ve commissioned fresh up and coming Parisian producer, DJ Entwan who’s rolling, stripped back rhythms have landed him on distinguished labels such as NoExcuse, Insert Coin & La Pera. His approach of ‘Dope Like Pablo’ keep the beats pumpin’ with it’s “Music On” styled landing that’s sure to intoxicate the most illustrious dance floors around the globe.

“Dope Like Pablo” is out on November 1st, via Monday Social Music.




Artist: Freddy Be & Savi Leon, Ant Brooks
Title: Dope Like Pablo EP
Label: Monday Social Music
Release Date: 2019-11-01




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor