FFLORA is the new project of Felipe Flora, a member of the famous Brazilian duo Dashdot who here links with Gustavo Castro a.k.a DCW, another Brazilian dance music pioneer. Their tune Colors on Ame Records is a real standout.

Felipe has performed at mega festivals such as Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland and BPM Festival and every major club. He has released on labels like Sony Music and Spinnin’ Records and his latest hit “Make It Better” was licensed as a soundtrack by Porsche. DCW is one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene in Brazil and has been working as a DJ, producer and singer/songwriter for almost 20 years.

Together they come correct on Colors which is an electrifying tune with sleek electro grooves, and a stirring vocal. The whole thing is futuristic and laden with lush melody that takes you to the stars.

Artist: FFLORA feat. DCW
Title: Colors
Label: Ame Records
Release Date: 2021-05-28

Turn it up & enjoy!