Fresh, exotic, and mind-bendingly progressive – the latest EP from emerging house producer FATÏA is a thrill ride from start to finish. Each song is a remix of his smash track “Red Moon“, remixed by various artists on the acclaimed “DHB” label.

Opening up with a pounding rhythm, the first track progressively builds up, taking on the shapes of different styles before leading us into synth-dripped bliss.

Next, we have a remix from top Belgium producers “Tribu” which whisks us away through a journey of exotics, oriental vibes that make this EP so unique.

The beauty of the EP is in each artist’s ability to take a simple track and transform it into a whole other form, whilst still providing listeners with something new every time.

Red Moon is out 9/08/2020 on DHB


Title: Red Moon
Label: DHB
Release Date: 2020-09-08


Turn it up & enjoy!