Pakistani duo, Fake Shamans, releases an eerie tune on Akabl Music’s latest compilation out March 17th.

New VA EP compiled by Robbie Akbal focusing on a more organic direction inspired with a Jungle Vision where Robbie was born (Mayan Riviera). Features tracks by Doubtingthomas, Azteca & Bolivar, Robbie Akbal and Zeque, Natale Quale, Modd and Fake Shamans. We have tracks for all moments in this compilation. To start we have DoubtingThomas “Pledge” with some  emotional & deeper vibes, next one is by Azteca &  Bolivar “Elysian” uplifting minimal waves which you can feel the romanian special touch for this track . Next we have Robbie Akbal the owner himself  released a collaboration with Zeque for the 3rd track named “Magic Frog” a powerful groove mixed with an organic direction  and a special vocal added for this track, moving to the 4th track by russian rising artist Natale Quale her track named “Between oceans” is a very sexy melodic & deeper track for the peak moments of the party , the 5th track of this amazing compilation is by Modd “Catastrophe” this artist released recently in Kindish l & his style fits to Akbal Music perfectly, this track is more emotional which will take your mind in a epic journey with a melodic flute. Finally the last  & 6th track “Angkor” by Fake Shamans is an hypnotic deep track which is very good to play at after parties.

Fake Shamans – Angko (Original Mix) [Akbal Music]

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Jungle Visions Part I
Label: Akbal Music
Release Date: 2017-03-17



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