Edvin Camema is next up his on Moodart Records with three electric new tracks that come with a remix by Carlos Pires. This Italian artist is a violinist and live performer who brings plenty of melody to his work.

Opener Defiance is a busy techno cut with cosmic melodies and lots of lush synths and drum fills. It’s electric and colourful to say the least. Walk With Me is more paired back and deep, with celestial keys up top and nice rumbling bassline down low.

Carlos Pires then remixes it into something smooth, dreamy and what will take you away into the stars. The Unconscious Mix then goes even more into the future with its brilliant combo of keys and driving bass, synths and slick percussion. 1912 closes down this melodic house masterclass with more colourful skies and involving beats that will get the floor in a real trance.

This is a standout EP from this melodic synth master.

Defiance is out 3/13/20 on Moodart Records



Artist: Edvin Camema, Carlos Pires
Title: Defiance
Label: Moodart Records
Release Date: 2020-03-13




Turn it up & enjoy!