Los Angeles-based producer, Eagles & Butterflies, is back with his sophomore EP on Digweed’s Bedrock Records entitled Constellations. Out May 16th!

The budding artist has been on a tear in the studio! Aside from Bedrock, E&B has released original music on Get Physical, Noir Music, and Exit Strategy all within the past year. He’s also recently finished remixes for Moby, Underworld, andhim, and Ry X; and is on the verge of launching a new label called Art Imitating Life.

Constellations EP features three original tracks: “Moon”, “Sun”, and “Comet”; all of which fit the Bedrock mold perfectly. “Comet” bolted out at us as the grooviest of the bunch — nothing better than a driving bass line and sparkling synths to get our butts moving on the dance floor!

Check out “Comet” here first and make sure to pick up Constellations EP on May 16th!


Eagles & Butterflies – Comet (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

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Artist: Eagles & Butterflies
Title: Constellations EP
Record Label: Bedrock Records
Release Date: 16/05/16

– jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor