An explosive start to 2022 from Clarisse Records continues with a new three track EP from Riccardo Pazzaglia, under the intriguing pseudonym E.T.H. (Italy). Support already stored from Richie Hawtin, Stefano Noferini and ANOTR, the producer homeschooled his teenage kicks before gaining skills and knowledge across Europe and beyond once he’d pretty much taken care of all the dancefloors Italy has on offer. Pazzaglia has built up a back catalogue spread across a slew of underground imprints, making him a codename you can trust.

‘Flor Toro’ opens the show as a deep tech-house cut going way beyond the surface than most dare to risk, its depth charges of gulping bass lunging past a wall of scrambled signals. The tempo is upbeat and skippy, but there’s some serious hardware being tested by the Italian, whose loops are skilfully impenetrable as they collect as many elements as possible. A lone, high-pitched clearing of angelic lungs parts the waves of frenzy that reign for over seven minutes.

‘Memories’ is the Clarisse sound to a tee, one that won’t stop once it’s popped. Bouncy bass, perky beats, boundless stamina, vocal snatches glancing off the beats, adding a human element to the greasing of club mechanics – check, check, check and check. There’s still a hint of Pazzaglia brainstorming to the beat, with percussive vibe put together like laboratory tech so that mad science makes complete sense.

‘Bl3k’ is almost a jamming together of E.T.H.’s previous two offerings, with the brisk, bass-anchored beats and locking together of astro-travelling electronics working together harmoniously, throwing up sparks as it goes. Vocals are split between a goddess-like figure with the ability to clear the skies, and scientists observing the track’s next move. The key though is the twin emergence of twinkling melodies, sprinkled with stardust to smooth down the track’s sharpest edges. For the hours past midnight, E.T.H. (Italy) generates an electricity to take you higher.




Artist: E.T.H (Italy)
Title: Flor Toro EP
Label: Clarisse Records
Release Date: 2022-04-22




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor