Talented UK producer Dunning Krueger joins In Tune roster with an infectious new EP ‘Mayfield Groove’.

Dunning Krueger’s production prowess is unveiled in the title track, as a modulated vintage lead chimes over arpeggiated spacey pads. The harmonic lead continues throughout alongside a dynamic assortment of tops, percs, vocal chops, and a square wave bass line that bounces effortlessly on the underbelly of the mix.

On the flip, Kale Tacos’ is a fine-tuned natural groove filled with vintage percussion, tones and beats reminiscent to the golden era of deep house. Energising vocal samples, lifting chords, a bouncing sub bass and a flute that would play out serenely as a tangerine sun sets over an Ibizan coastline. Exactly what you want from a B-side track!

They complement each other effortlessly, with their fusions of deep house tones, lush synths and vintage sound design, make for some inspired listening. Enjoy.




Artist: Dunning Krueger
Title: Mayfield Groove EP
Label: In Tune
Release Date: 2021-07-31




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor