Staybad label-head, DuBeats provides his first EP to the label coming along with it, a stellar support package. On the A-side finds a heavy, lush deep house groove with a driving remix from Jesusdapnk. Flipping over to the B-side, DuBeats & Jesusdapnk team up with the multi-talented musician and vocalist, Rocki Planet on Creative Solution with a tight grooving remix from Spiritualized boss-man MiNNt Edit.

Andrew (MiNNt Edit) is a young Chilean passionate about music from an early age. His passion for house music takes him to the surface, putting his best energy into the “Spiritualized” project that curate a few years ago, focusing on the most purist version of house music, its roots and evolutions, revealing what it was and cultivating his evolution always in contact with other devotees of the globe. It’s like his project in a short time evolved from podcaster to label, where today he shapes his own editorial catalog and seedbed of house music talents.

Creative Solution is out 10/9/2020 on Staybad


Artist: DuBeats & Jesusdapnk feat. Rocki Planet, MiNNt Edit
Title: Creative Solution
Label: Staybad
Release Date: 2020-10-9


Turn it up & enjoy!