Every now and then a track comes along that takes you right back to a certain place at a certain time…. be it the depths of an underground with newfound friends, or your go-to spot for a weekend let-loose.

Over the past year, the warbly chugging stomper “Tonite” from label boss DJ M3, aka, Makes Me Move, has been exactly one of those tunes. The track that snuck its way into sets from DJs around the globe, has become something of an underground earworm, and is now seeing the light of day on Green Gorilla Lounge.

Having played countless stages and lineups over the years with some of the best in the biz, M3 steps up and delivers a chunky groover that teases the crowd with its’ “1-2-3-4” throwback samples, before hitting them with a tripped out ‘whoop whoop’ hook that remains stuck in the head of any raver until the morning after.

As always – trademark DJ M3’s chunky basslines and pumpin’ drums makes sure that the party keeps rollin’ on and on – combine the two and you’ve got yourself a track that can bring the party together in any situation.

With previous releases on Smoke ‘N’ Mirrors, Om, Sirenum, Chillin Records, and more, this is another secret weapon that affirms why DJ M3 is at the top of people’s record boxes in the scene.

Stay cool, stay safe, and be on the lookout for much more from Green Gorilla Lounge in 2020…

Tonite is out now on Green Gorilla Lounge


Artist: DJ M3
Title: Tonite
Label: Green Gorilla Lounge
Release Date: 2020-04-17




Turn it up & enjoy!