Dirk Sid Eno on Dantze again. The new EP called ‘Elysium’ is a melody driven listening experience. ‘Maafushi’ is the first track and does at first captivate with its ethnic touch but shifts the emphasis on the big going melody. ‘Tamarindo’ in the vocal version is the most catchy track due to the deep but very rhythmic groove – clearly a pleasure designed to take over your mind. The next one is ‘Tortuguerro’, which at first comes of very low-key and then turns into a percussion loving dancer. Finally did Dirk Sid Eno also add a Dub-Edit of ‘Tamarindo’ to present its greatness also in a more laid back version.

Elysium is out on now on DANTZE


Artist: Dirk Sid Eno
Title: Elysium
Release Date: 2020-06-12




Turn it up & enjoy!