Denis Shubin from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) is deep into electronic music: he has been constantly DJing and promoting parties as Tekstil Music co-founder for many years in his native city. These days you can find him in the booth of club “KPD” or in his studio, where he spends a lot of time searching for new colours of electronic music, mixing the sound of old-school samplers, analogue synthesizers and a multiplicity of effects. You might remember his tech-house moniker Shmix, but now Shubin moved in the new, sophisticated direction, and feels totally at ease in both techno and house.

In his second solo-release (the first was at Plant 74 Records last spring) Denis Shubin explores the beauty of underground house music: his four-tracker is all about melancholic and beautiful melodies, touch of acid, percussive patterns, deep pads and moving bass lines.

“HouseMyHouse” is out on January 18th, via Amber Muse Records.




Artist: Denis Shubin
Title: HouseMyHouse EP
Label: Amber Muse Records.
Release Date: 2019-01-18


– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor