Self proclaimed ‘studio addict’ Den Haas steps up to deliver the inaugural solo release on the Metafloor records imprint. His offering delivers three exquisitely crafted groove-driven gems, certified to dazzle discerning dance floors.

Lead track ‘Deadliest scratch’ sets the standard for the EP with a captivating bass hook and a distinctive, yet understated, vocal sample. A true minimal house classic in the making.

With ‘Mashed up,’ he switches up the tempo to a garage-style flava, layering the main drum groove with a relentless and funky bassline and his signature vocals scattered throughout. Well crafted and well executed production all round.

‘Keep me’ lends itself to hazier settings, with a mesmerising and hypnotic lead synth which winds itself in and out of the drums’ shuffly and syncopated patterns. Rest assured, this one still packs more than enough punch to hold it’s own in the club.

The package also features a stripped-back and highly polished remix from London based up-and-comer Kylin Tyce, rounding off an outstanding package, definitely not to be missed.

“Keep Me” is out now, via Metafloor Records.





Artist: Den Haas
Title: Deadliest Scratch EP
Label: Metafloor Records
Release Date: 2020-08-28




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor