Even if he’s a long time friend of our Family, French DJ-producer DELON makes his debut on our Family Piknik Music with this chunky and jacking track. Known for his Way of House label (which revealed huge talents like Joris Delacroix), he shows up a surprising Housy energy through sexy vocals and gorgeous bass line.

On the flip side, Spanish tech-house expert PIEM rolls up with unstoppable loops to focus on his contagious groove, while French tastemaker ESSENCE OF TIME takes the track to something totally different, with mind-blowing synths and some cosmic effects.

GiRLBoY is out on 6/5/2020 on Family Piknik Music


Artist: Delon
Title: GiRLBoY
Label: Family Piknik Music
Release Date: 2020-06-05




Turn it up & enjoy!