Deep Tribe’s most recent release, titled “Take A Trip”, a song name that
references the lyrics of the track. Lyrics that speak to that all to familiar, deep
yearning we feel inside, calling us to the adventure of the road no matter where
it leads us…just as long as it’s not ‘here’. Words that for most of us, are far too
relatable. Especially in today’s post-pandemic/Covid 19 world, where the
claustrophobia is real and the urge to get out and live life is impossible to
ignore. As relevant and meaningful as these words are, their power is almost outshined by the impressive magnitude of the track’s bass line. Calling it “heavy” would be an understatement and once this monster is unleashed on dance floors around the world, imminent destruction is guaranteed. The good kind of destruction of course. Spacey pads create an air of drama throughout the track as impressively
catchy synth melodies weave in and out, hooking their unforgettable notes into your
brain like a parasitic invasion of tendrils intertwining around a perfect host. With such relatable lyrics, unforgettable melodies, and commanding bass line all
contained within this track, there is no doubt that in 2020 everyone will be feeling this one deep, deep down inside

Take A Trip is out 7/03 on Tiger Records


Artist: Deep Tribe
Title: Take A Trip
Label: Tiger Records
Release Date: 2020-07-03




Turn it up & enjoy!