Sol Selectas is an innovative label famed for its fusion of world music and electronic beats with an output both melodic and spiritual like the style of its owner Sabo.

The new release is from Swiss artist Dandara who is back on Sol Selectas after featuring on this summers Summer Sol IV compilation, but his music can also be found on Cosmic Awakenings, Nazca and The Magic Movement.

Joining the three fantastic originals that explore the more up-tempo side of his style, the release also includes charismatic remixes from Elfenberg, Arutani, as well as Klik & Frik.

Elfenberg is from Switzerland and has previously showcased their exceptional talents for deep house with tracks and remixes on Stil Vor Talent, 3000 Grad Records, Akbal Music and Kindisch.

Arutani has a deep and low-slung take on house with progressive grooves he has released on the likes of Underyourskin Records, Exotic Refreshment, Akumandra and Amselcom.

Klik & Frik bring their Argentinian style of electronic rhythms back to Sol Selectas after recently featuring on Summer Sol IV, creating a remix which focuses on chord buildups, and clever drum programming creating both tension and excitement on the dance floor.

“Moja” opens the release with lush chords and African chants layered over flowing percussion. With deep atmospherics and uplifting melodies, this tribal house track calls us straight to the dance floor.

“Moja” is out on November 4th, via Sol Selectas.




Artist: Dandara
Title: Moja EP
Label: Sol Selectas
Release Date: 2019-11-04




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor