Louisahhh and Bleaching Agent remix Club Tularosa’s ‘Glory’ on Man Power’s Me Me Me

Following previous EPs ‘NNN04’ and ‘Pyramids’ on Me Me Me, Los Angeles duo Club Tularosa return to Man Power’s imprint for ‘Glory’, recruiting a host of collaborators and remixers for the six-track package. Featuring two tracks in collaboration with fellow Los Angeles artist Adult Hits, contributions from vocalists Megan Sutherland and Clarissa Jacks, and remixes from Bleaching Agent and Louisahhh, the EP sees the duo furthering their explorations into their unique style of new wave music custom built for dancefloors.

Leading the release, title cut ‘Glory’ with Adult Hits sees a hypnotic bassline move in tandem with distorted vocals, sizzling hats, and dazzling synths for a moving start to the release. ‘No Regrets’, featuring Megan Sutherland, sees the duo twist Sutherland’s vocal performance around rocking drums and trippy FX to craft a grooving dancefloor focussed cut. ‘Sonic Flow’ with Adult Hits and Clarissa Jacks brings an emotive touch to the release with delicate drums providing a bedrock for dense pads and effected vocals before ‘Smeared’ sees the duo get weird with wonky leads, indecipherable voices, and rumbling low end.

Rounding out the release is a pair of remixes of ‘Glory’ by Bleaching Agent and Louisahhh. On the former, the Optimo affiliate injects a dose of funk into the mixture with swung drums, live bass samples, and climactic progressions. Louisahhh’s remix closes out the EP in fine style, with her signature industrial take providing additional meat to the bone of Club Tularosa’s original.

Club Tularosa ‘Glory’ drops on 25th February via Me Me Me.




Artist: Club Tularosa
Title: Glory EP
Label: Me Me Me
Release Date: 2022-02-25




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor