Did you get the memo?

Still waters run deep. We’re pleased to introduce you to mysterious Clive From Accounts; number cruncher extra-ordinaire by day, totally f’ing awesome music producer by night. No seriously, we’re amped that we are able to release this EP by the self proclaimed “regional tiddlywinks champion” and “all-round beige sky thinker” Clive.

Who says office workers are drones? Loitering around the coffee machine surely has had no bad effect on his creative juices!

When we got an email from Clive with a demo called “Bisou” we were blown away. Production quality was top notch and it really stood out from what came in our inbox. So over the course of a year we asked him to fill out an EP next to his busy work schedule. The end result is a record with three very strong tracks, each with its own character. “Keep Movin” is perfect for big dance floors and filthy sweaty clubs and “The Trouble With Clive” has that beefy garage thing going on. With a name like “Bisou” you’d expect something kissy kissy, but it’s a floaty warm stabby breaks affair with nods to the classic deep sound.

Ahhh, we need you to go ahead and buy this stunner on wax or digital. So um, yeah if you could do that, that’d be great. Oh, and next Friday is Hawaiian shirt day.

The Trouble With Clive drops on April 17th on Outplay


Artist: Clive From Accounts
Title: The Trouble With Clive
Label: Outplay
Release Date: 2020-04-17




Turn it up & enjoy!