Circulation’s sixth self-released EP is another powerful artistic statement.

The underground scene is now rightfully back in love with Paul Davis a year or so after his triumphant return. He is once again crafting innovative and essential club sounds that build on the legacy of his seminal work in the 90s. That hugely prolific period alongside Matt Jackson saw him put out some 45 EPs, and he is just as busy again now he is working solo. Each offering is another step up and subtle evolution of his signature sound, with these latest three tunes again looking to the future.

The perfectly well swung ‘Cherry 22’ opens up with taught, leggy drums and sees Davis revisit a track he first explored back in 2004. Silky synths unfold up top to bring some melodic whimsy while the chunky bass keeps you locked to the floor. It is a deceptively simple and stripped back tune but one that makes an indelible mark. The beautifully atmospheric ‘Noir’ then switches it up with glitchy samples, pixelated synths and broken beats that offer five minutes of introspection, hope and gently uplifting moods and grooves. Last of all, the superb ‘Switch’ gets heavy, with percolating synths, drums and bass all exuding a sense of industrial mechanisation. It’s an increasingly intense and unrelenting track for darkened dance floors.

Recirculate 6 is the most versatile EP yet from Circulation.




Artist: Circulation
Title: Recirculate Six
Label: Recirculate
Release Date: 2022-04-01




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor