Circulate returns with a fifth innovative EP of his exciting new era.

2021 has truly belonged to Paul Davis. He has made a welcome return to the scene after a long time away and has done so with plenty of groundbreaking new sounds. He, of course, first emerged back in the nineties and soon became a vital part of the underground with his work as Circulation, back then alongside Matt Jackson. Now with a renewed musical maturity and all that experience, he is back where he belongs.

Opener ‘Gold Baby’ heads into new territory with its crunchy broken beats and glistening melodies. Fizzing static and trance-y chords fill out the mix and make this a truly innovative sound. The superb ‘Brother Brown’ is a stylish tool that locks you into a rolling groove. The drums are heavy, but the rising synth loops bring light as distant vocal sounds draw you in deeper. It’s a subtly uplifting track that shows a different side to Circulation. The excellent ‘Memory Pig’ closes things out with a perfectly spacey, dubbed-out deep techno offering. It has pulsing synths and echoing chords making for a vast groove that has you right at the centre.

Recirculate Five is another forward-thinking EP from the on-form Circulation.




Artist: Circulation
Title: Recirculate Five EP
Label: Recirculate
Release Date: 2021-12-17




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor