The MPC Bandit aka iBite The Unoriginal Bastard, better known to his friends and fam as the mighty Chaka Kenn is back with yet another timeless take on a classic.

Chaka is in top form with “Ice Ice Maybe”, incorporating vintage northern soul breaks and deep house synth pad work artfully pieced together into a NuDisco cut that we can only describe as “Chaka Kenn-ish”. It’s not house, it’s not funk, it’s not disco, it’s not hip hop, it’s all of these things while at the same time being none of these things.

While we have no idea how to categorize it, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that like all things Chaka creates, this record will satisfy the real heads while giving the youth something to make their bodies move.


Artist: Chaka Kenn
Title: Ice Ice Maybe
Label: Good For You
Release Date: 2020-09-04