Phenomenally funky, Cascandy is back with another amazing EP. “Everybody Say What” entails two tracks with just the right amount of fun, groove and quirkyness to make the EP an unforgettable experience. Just how we know and love our cup of Cascandy. “Say What” is fantastically weird. The groove bounces and rolls forward with an incredible energy making your hips shake, while a playful synth tickles out a big smile in your face. Rounding up this fantastic musical experience is the amusing vocal reflecting a little bit of cheekiness that Cascandy always brings to the table.

“Everybody Get High” starts a bit more mellow, but the groove is infatuating, the synth fairytale like and uplifting, and the bassline sexy in its simplicity. This paired with the soft vocals that sneak in and leave a fluttering and dreamy vibe just makes the perfect track for a lazy, sunny day on the dance floor in the armes of someone you love. Close your eyes and drift away with this little piece of heaven.

Artist: Cascandy
Title: Everybody Get High
Label: Cascandy
Release Date: 2021-09-10

Turn it up & enjoy!