Bubba Brothers, two Techno and House DJs who started their careers in early 2015. Integrated by Eliseo Correia and Justino Santos, a couple of friends from Portugal who have become a regular and popular presence in clubs and festivals. The duo has produced multiple dancefloor hits throughout time, making their careers grow at a strong, and fast pace.

In 2019, their first ubiquitous track “Carla’s Beat” was released on Cube Records, making it to Beatport’s Top 100 (#21) and Top Releases (#6). The track was also recognized by Trickstar Radio’s Metropolis in London and an invitation to perform live at Los 40 Radio in Spain. “Karma” was released on May 2021 with Soleado Recordings, achieving the #1 position in Beatport.

Staring 2022 with their first banger track, “Strange” will be out on January 28 with their own record label, Mossdeb Sounds.




Artist: Bubba Brothers
Title: Strange
Release Date: 2022-01-28




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor