On December 15, 2017 Canadian imprint Bohemian Yacht Club presents to the world Amsterdam to Broadway, a brilliantly realized and emotional album by Brian Johnson. After a two-year hiatus, Bohemian Yacht Club returns making waves with its vision of showcasing new and diverse sounds from its roots in Canada and Japan. The label is excited to make its return with the launch of its premiere full-length album from Brian Johnson which will be preceded by a lead single ‘Silent Reign’, out December 8th.

Things start in breezy, lush synth territory with the sun-dappled grooves of‘Amsterdam’ before getting a little deeper and darker on the spine tingling‘White Lies & White Lines’. The fantastic ‘Flamingo’ cuts loose with tech-edged drums and cosmic melodies and synths all bubbling away, while ‘That Life’ pulls back again to focus on Johnson’s moody drum work and icy percussion. It’s fulsome, busy stuff that really locks your attention.

Showing his diverse range, are radiant, melodically rich tracks like ‘Silent Reign (Heart of Stone)’ and the glassy tinkles and mellifluous xylophone ripples of ‘Mid- Round Revival’. The darker, more turbulent‘Deuxteronamy’ offers a moodier groove that keeps you on your toes, and things peak with the uptempo tech of ‘Mastro & Msg’ (feat. Alex Mastro)before closing on the thoughtful house of ‘Regal Rant’ with its ethereal vocals, and the escapist and kaleidoscopic synths and percussive patterns of‘Broadway (feat. Blank 6)’.

Amsterdam to Broadway is an expressive album with many different shades of house music and plenty of emotion, underpinned by great grooves!

Brian Johnson – Flamingo (Original Mix) [Bohemian Yacht Club]

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Artist: Brian Johnson
Title: Amsterdam To Broadway LP
Label: Bohemian Yacht Club Music
Release: 2017-12-15


– jams
Jimbo James