Andy Compton is undisputedly one of the hardest working producers in dance music. With over 40 albums and 150 EPs released either solo or as part of deep house legends The Rurals, the Bristol-based producer just can’t stop creating profoundly funky and vibey music that works on loose limbed dancefloors, beach bars and shag carpets alike. He has appeared regularly on quality labels as diverse as Lumberjacks In Hell, Hed Kandi, LARGE and naturally, his own vital imprint Peng.

Andy’s latest long player for Tangential Music is a collaboration with LA artists Irantzu Pujadas and Brad Kent under the name Blue Dream. Aptly titled ‘‘A Trip To LA’ the album is a deliciously louche and laidback twelve tracker of pure LA heat. The project began as many great ones do, without a plan. Visiting Brad’s studio to check out his huge vintage analogue synth collection in search of new sounds for The Rurals, they got to thinking…and jamming. With Brad on the dusty old drum machines, Irantzu on the microphone and Andy in his synthesiser heaven, Blue Dream was born. Their first and equally good album ‘California Dreaming’ was released on Peng in early 2019 and now we are here with a second round of perfectly realised dream-like grooves. Think of the sun-facing vibes of Shuggie Otis, Eddie Chacon, Bobby Caldwell or Roy Ayers at his most relaxed and add a passionate knowledge and experienced grasp of electronic forms. They make this seem easy goddammit.

‘I Wanted To See You’ sounds like Khruangbin with a 303, ‘You Want Me Back’ with it’s midtempo shuffling groove, saucy squidge bass line and seductive soul house vocal is pure daytime at Houghton Festival happiness, like Crazy P in the hot tub. At no point are we required to sweat. Lie down if you must, stand up and sway if you’re ready. This could be lovers music or just for you alone. Irantzu’s vocals throughout are whispers and purrs, evocations of humid love drenched in reverb and easy living. Sunset music.

The singles ‘I Wanna Go Home’ and ‘Sandwich Dub’ don’t deviate far from the endless feeling of hazy cinematic sunshine, one a sultry plea for intimacy, the other a heavily dubbed out slice of musique française amour. ‘Trip To LA’ with a vocal more than suggestive of the Balearic classic ‘Sueno Latino’, spare guitar chords and a prodding repetitive bass line creates a feeling of slinky bliss. Every track is full of sensual melodies and the space required to be truly funky. Press play and invite a bit of California magic in.




Artist: Blue Dream
Title: Trip To LA LP
Label: Tangential Music
Release Date: 2021-09-16




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor