After their release, “Cashmere”, on Ritter Butzke Studio in spring 2017, the duo BAAL comes back with a remix EP of the original title, including a remix of the track, “Babel”, (also released on Ritter Butzke Studio) by Christian Prommer.

Gabriel Ananda reinterprets “Cashmere” as a pushing and throbbing club track, while Schlepp Geist gently layers it with complex rhythmical structures. Kotelett & Zadak emphasize the soft yearning hidden in the sweet melodies of the Cashmere Extended Version, and the Spanish artist, Nølah, adds complex and drifting arpeggiators including a vast break with a huge finale.

“Cashmere (Nølah Remix)” is out on December 7th via Ritter Butzke.




Artist: BAAL, Nølah
Title: Cashmere Remix EP
Label: Ritter Butzke
Release Date: 2018-12-07


– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor