Uzons Records has been stamping its personality on organic underground music for the last couple of years. This consistent label headed by Aurelius Zon, has brought up quality tunes by Jake Kaiser, Shunus, Marcovits, Stephane Salerno, Fractal Architect, Nasca and Yöurr among others.

Now, the Australian Enui has remixed Aurelius Zon’s Feel The Moment which is considered by Zon, one of his most special tracks; “this track represents me in so many ways, it took me so much time to produce, and it was made during several periods of my life. I have chosen for the remixes special artists like Enui, which have an art that I really admire”.

Enui’s music is characterized by its advanced broken beats along deep epic vibes, that is what we found here; a dark ambience with dismal voices and highly functional melodies, melted with a deep legato bass that makes “Feel The Moment” a wonderful intergalactic voyage.

Artist: Aurelius Zon
Title: Feel The Moment
Label: Uzons Records
Release Date: 2021-10-08

Turn it up & enjoy!