After nine years of quality assured house music, FINA Records hits release number 30 with another of its forward-looking offerings, this time from red hot young Frenchman Armless Kid. Well known on his native Paris circuit, Armless Kid is now breaking out on the wider international scene. He’s released his bustling, heartfelt house grooves on Rekids and the legendary Classic Music Company, is a Rinse FM regular and has an anything goes approach that has won him high profile fans like DJ Harvey and The Black Madonna.

The super exciting Armless Kid is the perfect artist to make this milestone for FINA Records such a special one.

Rewind EP is out on 5/29/2020 on FINA Records



Artist: Armless Kid
Title: Rewind EP
Label: FINA Records
Release Date: 2020-05-29




Turn it up & enjoy!