Danish duo, Anëk, set to release bangin’ Rebellion EP on Moon Harbour out on March 29th.

It’s now time for one of Moon Harbour’s current crop of exciting young producers to get a step up: after contributing a fine track to Orbiter II back in 2016, Anek areback on the label with a solo EP entitled Rebellion.

Anek is Denise and Karina Jensen, and in recent years the Danish pair have become a key part of the scene, not least in Ibiza. It is there they have been residents at the VIVa Warriors events as well as being picked for the Emerging Ibiza festival. With fans such as Matthias Tanzmann and Nick Curly, their own Ibiza Global Radio show and releases on Overdrive Musik and Chronovision amongst others, they are now right at the heart of the dance world.

First out of the blocks here is the excellent ’Neck And Back’, a track that is all about the expertly designed drums: they are slick and loopy, have plenty of height to them and encourage you to cut loose. Sci-fi synths pepper the groove and vocals that lean on a classic add some fun up top. It’s a real recipe for success and no mistake.

The busier, more prickly and complex ‘Beams of Life’ is a bristling track with sharp percussive hits, tumbling toms and pained synths. It’s restless and physical and brings a late night sense of unease to the table. Completing the fine trio is ‘Rebellion,’ the most melodic effort of the lot. With infectious metal drums and buffed up chords, a female vocal delivers her lines with real attitude and the whole track is a fine exercise in building tension and teasing release.

This is a versatile EP that shows Anek have great range, and more than enough skill to pull off many different tricks.

Anëk – Neck And Back (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]

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Artist: Anëk
Title: Rebellion EP
Label: Moon Harbour
Release Date: 2017-03-30



– jams
Jimbo James