After a self-imposed hiatus ruminating on the inspirations that drew him to electronic music, Grammy nominated producer and IO Music Academy founder Andy Caldwell is releasing a brand new LP this August 2021.

“Going back to my roots, I wrote this album purely for my own artistic expression. If it sells, streams, or just one person likes it, that’s icing on the cake.” – Andy Caldwell

Genesis marks a new creative era for Andy Caldwell. Rooted in underground house music, and drawing on a multitude of influences, he delivers an infectious collection of tracks that explore and push the boundaries of his sound.

Both ethereal and evocative, lush textures and melodies permeate the record from start to finish. Playful hooks and shimmering synths blend effortlessly over warm bass lines and artful beats — all paired seamlessly with the vocal talents of Satellite Mode, Esmé Bianco (Sinders), ESAE, Ty Glascoe, Lo, and LeDon. Remixes are also forthcoming including Birds of Mind, Clemente and more.

“I always had an insatiable curiosity for music. When I found myself chasing the all-mighty dollar I inevitably lost interest in the artistry. Opening IO Music Academy gave me new found inspiration and perspective as to why I chose a career in music in the first place.” – Andy Caldwell

‘It Was Love’, the second single, began as a remix of Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Cold Little Heart’. Andy passed the instrumental to Ty Glascoe and New York based MC, LeDon, who wrote the infectious vocal hook that bears the song’s title. Lori LeChien’s vocal overdubs made for a powerful and unique counterplay to the soulful, R&B vibes.

Genesis is set for release August 5, 2021.




Artist: Andy Caldwell, Lo, Ty Glascoe, Ledon
Title: Genesis
Label: UNO Recordings
Release Date: 2021-08-05




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor