Fresh back from playing Ocaso Festival in Costa Rica, Vancouver’s Andromo turns his attention towards his burgeoning label, Rainforest Music. Setting the tone for a new year, Rainforest Music gears up for their first release of 2019 with a masterfully crafted EP, titled Shape & Form. A collaboration between Andromo and highly acclaimed American Producer Chris Fortier, Shape & Form is packed with deep, groovy basslines and intricate melodies that ignite the dance floor. Featuring two originals, “Elektron Dreaming” and “Shape and Form,” this EP solidifies Rainforest Music’s position as label to watch in 2019!

“Elektron Dreaming” – the deep, sexy groove of this track will immediately have listeners hooked. Despite its subtle, whimsical nuances, “Elektron Dreaming” is loaded with the perfect punch to get the dance floor moving. Twinkling, dream-like sounds are sprinkled across the pulsing, infectious bassline to create a flirtatious record.

“Shape and Form” – a heavier and darker track off the EP. Frontier brings his progressive touch with psychedelic, acid undertones. Deep, warped bass hits you in your chest, while the hypnotic rhythms carry you in and out. About 1.5 minutes in, Andromo and Frontier begin to take us in a new direction, as a higher pitch chord plays out a simple melody line. “Shape & Form” moves back and forth, continuously evolving. It’s a trippy record, perfect for those peak hours!




Artist: Andromo, Chris Fortier
Title: Shape & Form EP
Label: Rainforest Music
Release Date: 2018-02-15


– jams
Jimbo James