That jolt of creativity: Ideas rush like shoals from the brain to the eyes and back again. They flex and move in unison but only one will hit the target… It’s down to you to make sure you use it well. Such is the case of any Amberoom session where Manuel Tur, Adrian Hoffmann and Ramin Nouyan. A hive mind that thrives on the rush of ideas at any one jamming session.

As with their debut earlier this year, the concept is simple; grooving on machines with no premeditated intention but to dig deep into the vibe that choose to materialise through their collaborative spark that day… And letting it grow.

Case in point: ‘Minoo’, a deep shimmering groove that’s so soft, hazy and warm it teeters right on the edge of Balearica while the piano and cleverly weaved percussion maintain energy and focus. ‘Craft’ continues the trip with a mischievous psychedelic glint in its eye. A mutated technoid afrobeat leads east into the thick sandstorm of synths that spiral, rise and tower like ancient pyramids. And just when you think they can’t rise any more, new heights a revealed.

Finally ‘Klark’ seals the deal with a looser-limbed mystical handshake. Reminiscent of DJ Gregory’s early Faya Combo releases with a subdued Latin chord sequence, shuffled beats and a dusky atmosphere that could go on forever, it’s the end of yet another creative tale from Amberoom. A tale where ideas do the driving and the players are mere conduits. We told you they’d be back on Ovum soon… We look forward to their return.

“‘Klark’ is a concealed melodic draft focused on reduced arrangement and sound. So you can not only  use it for a dance but for a listen too in a quite moment. Like sitting on a rock on a sunny afternoon, watching the sea and still would like to enjoy a bit of a club feeling on your headphone.” – Ramin Nouyan

Amberoom – Klark (Original Mix) [Ovum Recordings]

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Artist: Amberoom
Title: Minoo EP
Label: Ovum Recordings
Release: 2017-09-29


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