Alex Breitling opens the MAKASI EP on Monaberry with a wide groove in combination with a sparkling and dynamic arrangement. Bright breaks, lovely percussions, hypnotic flutes and powerful synths elevate MAKASI to an inspiring narrative. Angelov’s “Jungle Vision” picks up the soul of the original and turns it into a catchy tune with an exciting voodoo outfit. David Mayer illuminates the deep side of MAKASI and converts the track into a pulsating road trip through the glowing hot club savannah. The second original track SIMBAWA by Alex Breitling rushes in a darker mood towards the sunrise and immediately invites some synth friends from the 80s to celebrate like never before.

Makasi is out on 6/05/2020 on Monaberry


Artist: Alex Breitling
Title: Makasi
Label: Monaberry
Release Date: 2020-06-05




Turn it up & enjoy!