At summer’s peak, all-wise grampy Herbert delivers some fresh vibes and showcases the hottest discoveries on his ninth compilation for Monaberry. IVAN MASA from Italy starts off with NEON, a gorgeous melodic time-machine made of plain groove, 80ies synth-feeling, dreamy melodies, rich breaks and a fascinating bassline.

DARKSIDEVINYL’s TANZANIA combines a futuristic leadsound from another galaxy with relaxed percussions and takes you on a gentle glide over the dancefloor. ANDREA CARROZA throws in ABAYOMI, an ethno-mood-track that touches body and soul, packed with clear chords, a tight bassline and uplifting breaks.

ZOO BRAZIL takes the center stage with REWAKE, turns up the heat and boosts the serotonin level to the max with an irresistibly hypnotic arrangement. ACADO take you on a colorful ride on their ALPACA along the boarder to tangible reality, through thickly overgrown soundscapes and a lusciously dripping groove.

RUAH by VINI PISTORI enters the dancefloor slightly dark and inspires with some subtle ethno-vocals, percussions and intoxicating scapes. ALENDE delivers PHARMO, a vibrant creature bursting with housy groove and synth-melodies that carry you away into another dimension.

01: Ivan Masa – Neon
02: Darksidevinyl – Tanzania
03: Andrea Carrozza – Abayomi
04: Zoo Brazil – Rewake
05: Acado, Modest Crow – Alpaca
06: Vini Pistori – Ruah
07: Alande – Phamo




Artist: Various Artists
Title: Herbert’s Best 09
Label: Monaberry
Release Date: 2019-09-06





– jams
Jimbo James