The eighth in the list of the label’s catalog we want to introduce 2XM duo from New Zealand.

Gorgeous, fantastic and pleasantly vibrant release from talented Benjamin and Liam Murray (note that the guys are not related) inside a deep drum house and synthesized electronic grooves with powerful vocal performance in the main track from Jess Aspinwall.

Expect from Apollo Jazz a silky scent of warm electronic and organic sounds, track Beside You adds incredible depth and takes away on the dance floor like the wind of St. Petersburg, and the final Tiger’s Eye is the equivalent of late night with its stars, silver clouds and the milky way.

Apollo Jazz is out 8/07/2020 on Sengiley Recordings


Artist: 2XM
Title: Apollo Jazz
Label: Sengiley Recordings
Release Date: 2020-08-07


Turn it up & enjoy!