From the depths of the magic forests, Pophop returns to present a magical remix for the duo Derun on the label 3000 Grad. Derun’s aim is to transform our universe’s story with music, combining dust particles to built new aspects. Because the music is different from voices. Derûn concentrates on sophisticated, multicultural electronica with a deeper level of expression and undefined layers. So exactly the right musical approaches meet here.

Border-crossing, immersive, warm, dreamy, wide, open and spacious. Good descriptions for the sound of Derun, yet there’s one word that really hits the mark: Human. On their Kaunos EP the duo invites us to live and create a new world culture that exists without any questions of origin or destiny, of achievement or aspiration.

To let go and to surrender to the lively play of the groove means to leave behind the paradigms of everyday life and to spontaneously connect on a much more universal level. Stylistic accentuations and harmonic contrasts within this rich experience can be found in the remixes of Pophop and Lannka, who give the narrative of the original tracks two mind-bending new spins.