Wally Callerio aka Poncho Warwick is no novice in the worldwide house music community; with over two decades of notches on his producing, discjocking, and label running belt, Mr. Warwick has over 100 original tracks and innumerable remixes on 40+ international record labels. Wally Callerio is a staple in the Southern California scene; constantly hustlin’ with his own label Dufflebag Recordings and playing dope gig after dope gig — you can catch Wally Callerio in San Francisco at Temple playing alongside Green Velvet Thursday October 23rd, 2014. It’s apparent Wally’s work ethic and integrity run deep his musical blood cells, and we’re honored to be blessed with an original track from the living legend to give away to our fine and dedicated Lovers. Download and bump this in your system, yo!

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