Built around a triumphant piano line that stands as one of the biggest house hooks in recent memory, Dukwa’s My Journey Into Eternity was an anthem in the making for a summer than sadly never happened. With clubs closed and the Ibiza season a false start, the record never hit the heights it could have done: in Annie Mac’s words “it’s just such a moment of a record”.

Picked up by Undisputed Music and released alongside a brand new Groove Armada remix which landed back in July, My Journey Into Eternity’s time in the sun continues unabated with Deetron’s new reimagining.

With Deetron’s remix out now, Dukwa has picked out 10 of his all-time favourite tracks… bangers ahead!

Actress – Lost

Theo Parrish played this at Link (2011), and it made my night..masterpiece.

Luke Vibert – I Love Acid

I am a huge fan of Luke’s works, everything composed from him is a real journey. This track reminds me a dark room back in 2012 here in Florence. Always happy to go there with this tune!

Soundstream – Dance With Me

The perfect house track, powerful and soulful. it smashes every soundsystem.

Life’s Track – Velocity

Life’s Track aka me and Herva a long story written in 10 years. Velocity was made when we were sampling old vinyl from a friend’s collection. We were jamming, smiling and experimenting our

sound and it turned in a very pleasant EP on MOS recording.

Daft Punk – Voyager

Sunset, beach, people dancing and enjoying the moment… this is the track you’re looking for DJ!

Jamiroquai – Little L

I’m always a little wary of pop music, but Jamiroquai sits in between Pop-Funk-Disco and that’s why i love him… CLASS!

Ennio Morricone – For A Few Dollars More

He passed away one year ago, I was lucky enough to enjoy his music and his elegance. The word LEGEND was made for artist like him. His legacy will live forever.

Floating Points – Last Bloom

Instant Classic from Floating Points, I really like the arrangement and his phenomenal musicality.

Dukwa – My Journey Into Eternity

“It was 2019, I was preparing my new live set and I wanted to add more tunes to it. I played this notes and few months ago I had the pleasure to test them on the dancefloor. The crowd went wild in every gig i played this tune so i decided to arrange it and finish it as real track.

Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt