On the occasion of the release of his latest single, Bauchamp shares a special playlist with us.

A producer without limits, Bauchamp has just released the track Foolish Touch with the singer Pilar on the French label Argent Sale. Superlatives are lacking to describe the quality of this track. In France, in oenology, a wine is said to be well “charpentée” when a balance is achieved between acidity, aromas and tannins. Like a Château Margaux millesime, Foolish Touch is deliciously “charpentée”: a perfect balance between the warm sweet and fruity aromas of the synths, the acid pop character of Pilar’s sparkling vocals and the deep smoothness of the bass and kick that supports the whole.

With each listening of this track, as with each sip of a good Don Perignon, the richness of the sound becomes greater, and “Foolish touch” deploys its delicate harmonies, in a subtle and powerful dance at the same time, until the most intimate of the soul.

To celebrate its release, the Swiss producer has shared his top 10 fetish tracks to mix at night.

The Knight Club – Rhumba

One of my favorite tracks from the Crydamoure label. An energy that overwhelms me every time.

Channel Tres – Topdown

I’m so happy when the gfunk-like synth comes in at the end of the track…

Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko Version)

Wonderful how the piano comes in, stays on the same key for a long time and modulates completely at the break. Ecstatic.

Eris Drew – Ride Free

The organ of the song and the breakbeat quotes immerse us into a spiritual celebration of the party. Between rave and church. An ode to freedom.

Leikeli47 – Wash & Set feat. FastFWD

You can mix that track with everything…

Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn – It’s the Music (Original Version)

It’s the music…

Kaytranada – Track Uno

I love the way he plays with this sample that nobody but him could have made a good track…

The Streets – Trust Me

Mike Skinner is one of my favorite artists, and this track is one of my favorite tracks of The Streets.


Big respect for the sound of Grems. Real UFO in the landscape of French rap.

BAUCHAMP – Fantasia

A small calm track of Bauchamp to finish in softness.