Bolivian born, based in the south of Brazil, Bakka first arrived in the spotlight back in 2020 with his collaborations alongside ZAC and Ashibah, Make It Better and So High, both of which have now clocked up over 7 million streams on Spotify between them. Supported by some of the biggest producers from all around the world, he collaborated with Phonique last year on Spektre, and now lands on Phonique’s new label Zatar Music with this latest EP.

To celebrate the release of Wish Me Luck,  we asked Bakkka to put together this playlist of his current favourite Afro Melodic tracks.

1. Rampa, Chuala – Les Gout

I absolutely love the track Les Gout by Rampa and Chuala. The melody is so vibrant and full of life, and the afro percussion really brings it to life. The vocals are especially powerful, as they dance over the track in a way that is both smooth and strong. It has a perfect combination of summer vibes and groove, making it the perfect choice for number 1 on my top 10 chart.

2. Zeca Veloso – Todo Homem (Antdot & Maz Remix)

I love the track ‘Todo Homem’ by Antdot and Maz because of its exciting beat combined with a soft and catchy Portuguese vocal. The lyrics are also very popular here in Brazil, making this track truly special. It has a great groove that is both light and powerful at the same time, making it ideal for any event or occasion. It’s why I selected it as number two on my top ten chart.

3. Animal Picnic – Gravity (MIDAS 104 Remix)

I have selected the Midas 104 Remix of Gravity as my number 3 track on my top 10 chart. This track stands out to me for several reasons. Firstly, the percussion on it is soft and quite unique. It has a nice beat that creates a wonderful energy. Secondly, there is a piano solo that is simply mesmerizing. The way it is played and the notes that are used make it stand out. Finally, this track has a great atmosphere to it that takes you to another place. The combination of all these elements makes this a track I keep coming back to again and again.

4. Dr. Dru – Praerie

This track is a perfect blend of afro beats and synth leads, making it really stand out from other songs. The unique sequences give it an interesting texture, which I find really appealing. This song is one of my favorites, and it’s one of the main reasons why I chose it as number 4 on my top10 chart.

5. Fairplay – Latlal (Spada Remix)

I have chosen Latlal as my #5 favorite track for its chilled western vibe and rolling bass. Its captivating vocals make it the perfect addition to any dance floor, especially those looking for something to carry them through peak hour. The mellow rhythms of Latlal make it an ideal soundtrack to wind down to after a long night of dancing. There’s something special about this track and I’m sure it will continue to stand out in the future.

6. Ashibah – You May Forget

I love the track ‘You May Forget’ and it is a special one for me since I had a hand in co-producing it. Its relaxed and mellow vibe makes it perfect for ending a set with. The chill atmosphere it creates is something that I will never forget, which is why I have chosen it as #6 on my Top 10 Chart.

7. Riascode – Massai

This one is special for me because I meet the producer of the track and he always surprises with new beats, This time he released Massai which has a very top notch afro vocal and a very distinctive percussion beat.

8. Cioz & Super Flu – Jodi Bush

I’m in love with the synths from this track and unique off beat shakers, It has a powerful bass-line and the flow of this track makes any dance floor go down, The combination of all these elements makes this a track I keep coming back to again and again. And that’s why I chose it as number 8.

9. Andhim – Huso

This track has something that caught me, The lead synthesizer has a very western melody that makes this track hypnotizing and no words for the beat, listen to it by yourself.

10. Sabb – Jeopardized

This one is a classic here in Brazil, We love it, heard it and played it thousands of times and never disappoints, the female vocal and the sequence on this track makes it unique by itself and I’ll always carry it out with me on the decks.