Roy Davis Jr.’s iconic Underground Therapy Muzik imprint returns for its latest release next month. Lay It Down comes courtesy of esteemed US duo Pitch Deck, who make their debut on the label this December. 

The title track sets off with a classic groove, as resonant lyrics glitter beneath a pumping 4×4 bassline. Inside My House continues in a similar vein, signifying the iconic Chicago sound through and through, before PD Funk (Le Funk Pt. 2) ends proceedings on a similarly feel-good note. Bell chimes reside atop punchy kick-hat combos, whilst stirring vocal samples create that quintessential US house feel.

America’s Jerome Baker and Ellery Cowles, AKA Pitch Deck, have been regulars of the scene since the nineties. The pair first came to attention with their individual productions, on esteemed labels such as DJax and Green Velvet’s Relief. They cut their teeth on their home city’s club circuit, regularly finding themselves behind the decks at some of Chicago’s biggest warehouse parties and events.

In more recent times, the duo have made a name for themselves on contemporary imprints in the form of Farris Wheel Recordings and Whitebeard Records to name a few. Now, Lay It Down will act as their debut EP in 2021 and what better way to celebrate than by releasing it on Underground Therapy Muzik, the legendary label of Roy Davis Jr.

Pitch Deck – Lay It Down is OUT NOW on Underground Therapy Muzik

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