[Release]  Pinto is not new to this game.  Since breaking into the scene in 2007, he has had a slew of hits on labels such as Akbal Music and his own Neim.  His latest release, on Hotbox Music, is a three track stunner of all new original material from Pinto.  A record that you are not going to want to put down, this one is sure to set dance floors a blaze.

‘Softly Shafted’ is an abysmally deep track with a chugging bass line, soulful vocals, and  a vicious groove.  ‘Let’s Get Down Tonight’ is a sensual groover with passionate vocals and an enticing vibe.  A seductress on the dance floor, expect to find yourself bumping and grinding to this one.  On the last track, Pinto delivers with a smooth, kicked back ‘Hotbox Dub’ of ‘Softly Shafted.’

A wonderful display of talent from Pinto, this EP is definitely one you are going to want to add to you collection.


Artist:  Pinto
Title:  Softly Shafted EP
Label:  Hotbox Music
Catalog No.:  009

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