The Pillowtalk trio has captured our hearts over the years and compiles their classic touch, soulful chords and breezy flow into Je Ne Sais Quois, a debut full length narrating the enigmatic and engaging quality of life through music.   Harmoniously and collaboratively assembled on Wolf + Lamb’s imprint, Sammy D, Ryan Williams and Michael Tello embrace a multifaceted range of styles in these 13 tracks and feature artists such as Thugfucker, Jaw, Navid Izadi and DJ Tennis for a well-balanced, laid-back listening experience.

Sentimentally introduced, Je Ne Sais Quois sails through the love-struck charm of ‘We All Have Rhythm‘ into ‘Devil’s Run’ that plays with a live, alternative rock sound inspiring the comforting nostalgia of driving along the coast on a warm afternoon.

‘Meet Me in The Dark’ stands out with its smooth drive and catchy melody before ‘If I Try’ grabs attention with those persistent highs and elongated tones just as ‘Homesick’ deepens and dreams. 

‘Naïve’ is a special slow-burner with strong keys, revealing a somber side while ‘4 Walls’ turns it up with varied vocal stylings before jazzin’ it down for a sexy, carefree ride from ‘LA to The Bay,’ only to conclude with the acoustic version of cherished original ‘The Outkast.’

Groovy, funkd’up, deeply sensitive, soothing numbers on this one with a beat and pace for every musical flavor; so relax, have a listen and purchase through Beatport, Itunes or get physical with some Vinyl. <3

Artist: Pillowtalk
Title:Je Ne Sais Quoi
Label:Wolf + Lamb Records
Release Date: March 17th, 2014
Catalogue #: WLM35